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Not entirely sure what to do next, he spent about a year continuing his funk-influenced act (while, at the same time, starting to show some influences from German bands like Kraftwerk and Neu!

) with his last "character", The Thin White Duke (showcased on his critically and commercially successful album ), a bizarre, thin, well-dressed European aristocrat who — much as Bowie himself did at this point — survived primarily on "red peppers, cocaine, and milk." He then confounded the expectations of both his record label and his American audiences by recording the minimalist album in 1979.) Arguably his most experimental works (until his last album, anyway), the so-called "Berlin Trilogy" albums (named for his place of residence during this period as he pulled himself out of addiction, although significant portions of was well-regarded by critics at the time; the other two weren't).

However, emergency heart surgery in 2004 forced him to cut the tour short, resulting in him making fewer and fewer concert, film, etc. By The New '10s he was an apparently-retired Reclusive Artist, until January 8 2013 (his 66th birthday), when he announced a new album (, released on his 69th birthday in January 2016.

1999's was released in 2003, which saw Bowie embark on a major worldwide tour.165 web files about Bermuda, regularly updated as a Gazetteer, focusing on this internally self-governing British Overseas Territory 900 miles north of the Caribbean, 600 miles east of North Carolina, USA.