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See DNS Zones and Zone Files Explained To resolve a host name to an IP address using DNS you will need to have s DNS client on your machine, and the client must know the IP address of a DNS server.

The DNS client queries it’s DNS server which then follows through a process to get an answer- See DNS lookups explained.

DNS and Host are two name resolution methods but they are not the only ones.

A Windows client will use DNS, Hosts and other methods to resolve a host name or computer name to an IP address. Internal IP addresses are normally are non static as they are usually assigned by a DHCP server.

One of the great things I like about the (not so) new Windows 2008 R2 Powershell modules is that we can now more easily manage the core Microsoft Networking services (DNS, DHCP).

I want to share a little script I built that will add/update Host Records fed from a CSV file.

In the past automating this kind of thing was possible using a combination of WMI and VBS/Powershell and or batch scripting and using the famous DNSCMD.

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Also we are converting the IP address to the format required for entry into DNS: Lines 27-31: or To update an existing A record.

See Dynamic DNS and Services Guide If you have problems connecting to resources on the Internet then DNS is one of the first things to check.

The main troubleshooting tool is nslookup and it is available on all of the main operating systems.

This enabled people to refer to other computers by the name, and their computer translated that name to an IP address when it needed to communicate with it. It comes with all Windows machines The location for the hosts file is normally C\windows\system32\drivers\etc As network sizes increased the hosts file approach became impractical due to the fact that: The hosts file is simply a list of names and IP addresses with no structure making it difficult to scale to a large number of machines.

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The solution is to place the machines into administrative areas known as domains, and arrange the domains in a hierarchy.

I try to register DNS on these computer using ipconfig /registerdns.