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On the street you have to say something and put an end to the garbage, otherwise you are dissed. And shouldn't we still observe the commandments of the “Old Testament” to show God how much we love Him? And which religion came first: Islam, Christianity, or Judaism?

An insult – especially from a nobody – means nothing in the real world, but not on the street. Black and friends found the rapper, threw a few punches, told him to quit it, and end of story. Now the other rapper was dissed and that didn’t sit well with his people. And he had questions – not necessarily big life-changing questions – but good questions: If Jesus was Jewish, why aren't Christians Jewish?

He lived close enough to the Jewish community to play basketball in a lot adjacent to one of the synagogues. Nissim wasn’t Jewish – not yet – and his world and his friends were on the other side of Rainier Avenue. His second release, Ali ‘Yah, sat for five weeks at number four on the CMJ hip hop charts. His video “Yesterday” was in regular rotation on MTV. His mentor, Vitamin D – DJ, producer, MC, and often hailed as the foundation of Seattle hip hop – took him under his wing at an early age, showed him the ropes, and began recording him at age 13.

And Nissim – as his Hebrew name implies – believes in miracles. He also benefited from an early association with hip-hop super-producer Jake One.

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There was nothing Nissim could do but pray and hope for a miracle. At least it’s that way until you get to Rainier Avenue. Not an easy place to grow up – try becoming king-of-the-hip-hop-hill when you’re surrounded by drug users. She was 37.) Drugs are an ugly glow from the wrong side of Rainier Avenue. Drugs and a challenging childhood make it difficult to see miracles. Cross Rainier and you’re in the hood: drugs, poverty, crime, all the things you expect to find in America’s inner cities. Their home was like Grand Central Station for dealers and users. But jealous homeboy-wannabe-nobodies make it impossible. Nissim’s relationship with Jake One enabled him to get a song included on White Van Music, a killer compilation of hip-hop heavies featuring artists that Jake One produced. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME, AND WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

He fiddled with it from time to time but it was dead. He is reclaiming the music's natural poetry." Do you believe in miracles?

Nissim Black (formerly Damian Black and known in the rap world as D. Nissim was one of three Seattle-area rappers featured on the album.

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