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10-Dec-2017 03:32

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I don't have children hands, but I'm a female and my hands are on the small side. Anyway, it is smaller than the Paperwhite, but I love that.

I also love the fact that it doesn't come with a light.

Kindle has the ability to store thousands of books, so you shouldn't have to worry about running out of storage.

If you do, however, the overflow can be stored on Amazon's Cloud service, so you never have to worry about giving up any of your old favorites.

I used to read at night with the Paperwhite, but that light gave me a headache so I stopped. This feels more like a book to me than the Kindle Paperwhite ever did. I don't even notice the difference between ppi and I love that the letters are way darker than the Paperwhite.

It is NOT as dark as these bad reviews make it seem. The paperwhite had a grey hue to them and I didn't feel like I was reading a book.

It has airplane mode, web search, Goodreads, Amazon store, and bluetooth. At first, I thought I would miss the page turn buttons, and dislike the touch screen. Tapping the edge of the screen to turn the page is incredibly easy and less intrusive than pushing a button, which was always a nice little jarring reminder that I wasn't, in fact, reading a paperback.

The small, quick tap of my thumb on the edge of the screen has become almost like a reflex and I don't notice it anymore; it feels natural.

However, I suspect that using a metal casing would up the price considerably, and I feel that the cheaper price of this basic Kindle far outweighs that slight drawback.

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First of, let's start off by pointing out the obvious, it's under 0. Before you order, read the specs and compare it to the other Kindles.

Yes, the specs say it doesn't have backlighting so honestly, there shouldn't be one ounce of surprise when you receive this. I have had the new Kindle Paperwhite and I really didn't like how big it was to hold in my small hands.I personally do not read in bed with the lights off -- I fall asleep while reading like that.

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