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To be an innovative and sustainable development finance institution.To provide, facilitate and support financing of commercially viable enterprises in order to contribute to the sustainable development and economic growth of the Botswana economy.I finally had to format and reinstall everything from scratch.It 's been a long long time from the latest updates.However, we remind you that given the nature of internet communications, your communications may be susceptible to data corruption, interception and/or delays, and your privacy cannot be guaranteed.(c) What will MHS do in the event of a potential breach involving client’s information?Friday, march the 13th 2015 my virtual private server was under hacker attack that have exploited a severe vulnerability of the linux distribution the VPS was running on.The bug was so serious that access via console was limited to a few operations but not backupping or tranferring files to other servers.

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Air Botswana’s Teemane Club is all about rewarding and thanking you for your loyalty.You should refer to those organizations' privacy policies to learn how they collect, use and disclose information about you.(b) How do you ensure my personal information is safe?Purchasing any materials or administrations from MHS does not involve the transfer of personal information of our client's customers.

MHS employs reasonable safeguards - including administrative, technical and physical measures - appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information in its possession or under its control in order to protect that information from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, disposal, or similar risks.(b) Do I have to provide you with my personal data?