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30-Sep-2017 16:13

And maybe I’m giving them more credit than is due as I’m dragging their personal life to the forefront.

But this album has already stood strong in my collection for over 6 months with no signs of let down.

Toronto art pop musician Sandro Perri has a few dates scheduled to take place surrounding his appearance at this year's FYF Fest.

They're a bit scattered at the moment so it looks like more might be revealed, but we know that one of them is a NYC show which happens on September 20 at Mercury Lounge...

Continue reading → , the singer-songwriter born Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn has recorded four-track treatises on love and lust, sonic experimentations with studio whiz Phil Elverum, and a string of collaborations that cast her as everything from anti-war folkie to biology-lab sweetheart to disco siren.

But since 2009, Mirah hasn’t released an album at all — at least, not a solo album like the ones that charmed her earliest fans, filled with intimate observations and masterful melodies.

) – in general, I don’t trust lesbians to make music. But look, really look at your music catalog and see how many you can find that make radical, timeless, broadly appealing music. Add in the constant cader of two bit acts that rely on estrogen anthems and a lilith fair of unshaven legs and you’ve got a crowded market of mediocrity.

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Most importantly, there is a noticeable lack in pandering lyrical content which is often the most aggravating aspect of queer musicianship.

All in all, I’ve been tough on the ladies because the ladies haven’t been tough enough on themselves.

Simply sign up, log on and make sure your schedule is wide open, because it will soon be jam-packed with hot dates.… continue reading »

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