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Joe's premises are searched, and police find odds and ends of jewellery settings, and an automatic pistol.

The settings are identical with some stolen in the safe blowing, though the gems have been removed.

That night Marsden makes for France leaving behind his worried wife Sheila and small son, who live near the River Thames.

At the rendezvous, a rowing boat brings Clement and his purse of diamonds to The Black Falcon.

Ballistic tests show that the rifling on the bullet was different to that on this gun barrel, but a further test shows that the impression on the discharged shell case was the same.

Rezkowski is arrested for murder These were cinema second features made by Republic at Nettlefold Studios in 1953/4.

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With no loving hands to guide her, the lure of easy money leads her into bad company.

Also found in the car: a cartridge case, and some blood stains.

Baxter returns to the office- he had been to an address in King's Cross where Sarto lived, along with another man who answers to the description of Redding. When he is faced with a possible charge of murder, he blames Joe Rezkowski.

An unpremeditated crime on the part of a young man who takes 10,000.

2 The Case of Uncle Henry- with Elliot Makeham, Edwin Richfield and Desmond Llewelyn.Lockhart and Baxter visit Mrs Grace Begg at her home.